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Conicelli Auto Group in Conshohocken, PA

A Conshohocken Auto Group reduced their bottle expenses by over 64.5% and will save $65,800 over the next five years, while at the same time improving the employee/customer experience, reducing risk and freeing up time & office space

In 2010, a large prominent regional Automotive Dealership in Conshohocken, PA was spending far more than they should with their workplace drinking water. Their goal was to reduce costs, health risks, wasted space and to improve the quality of their current drinking water situation. They were in contact with a couple vendors to see who would be the best partner for their needs. During the process they decided to partner with Blue Marble Water Solutions to provide our state-of the-art systems and service.

The Challenge

Blue Marble Water Solutions discovered the dealership had 10 bottled water coolers and 1 generic water cooler strategically placed all throughout their offices, showrooms & shops. Bottles were stacked in multiple locations and lined-up on the floor next to the coolers -some were even stashed away under tables or in closets! The company used an average of 127 water bottles per month, which put their costs for cooler rentals, bottles and bottle deposits at approximately $13,787 annually!

After assessing their needs, Blue Marble Water Solutions proposed a bottle-less water purification solution that enabled them to reduce their costs to an average of about $8,405 per year.

The Perfect Solution

Not only did the move to a Blue Marble Water Solutions save our business partner $65,887 in just five years, it also brought other great benefits. The organization regained valuable floor space by eliminating the clutter of water bottles. Most important, by improving the quality of the drinking water and safety of their employees, they boosted workplace morale. Safe pure water…meant hydrated, healthier, happier employees…with a substantial saving to the bottom line!

Saving money makes a lot of cents!

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