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Blue Marble Water Solutions Unsolicited Client Email Accolades Resulting From Our Unique 9-Stage Water Purification

Everything seems fine, everybody is very happy with the water quality, I hear that Malvern is replacing their current coolers and are going to go with you also. Great. Thanks
Walt, Facilities Manager

Everything seems to be going well with the equipment….no complaints….actually, I have recently heard several employees comment on how good the water is!

The system is perfect ~ I have been told that the water is definitely much better and colder than the old bottles! So thumbs up!

Thanks, Scott. We appreciate the quality of the water (and the installation)! The water is going over very well. The tool room and plant guys really like that we put units out there. Everything’s been great thus far. And thanks for helping out with the CoolerSmart .

We love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patricia, Executive Assistant

We are here!!! Stop by whenever. Still a great water system with no complaints from any employee. Believe me if there was a problem I would hear from them. Great system, great water quality.
Richard, CFO

I will not be in the office today, but Jill copied on this message will be in the front when you get there. Thanks again, the water is awesome!!!
Krista, Special Events Coordinator

Hi Scott, I hope you are well. We are loving the water and also the coffee service!

Love it! Crazy, I dreamed about sharing clean water last night. My son really likes it also.

Good Day Scott, I would like to introduce myself as the Assistant Office Manager of …. I was lucky enough to try our new cooler and I love the taste of the water! I look forward to communicating in the future!

It’s great – we love it and the water tastes great. I’m so glad to not have to buy any more bottled water. We dug out our stainless steel water bottles yesterday. Coffee & tea was delicious and didn’t need to boil water for tea, so I’m glad we got the unit with the hot/cold option. Keep emailing me at work, since I don’t always check my home email, especially this time of year. Thanks again, and I’ll see you when you come out to change the filters.

As a clinician aware of natural health I know the importance of having very clean, anti-oxidant rich water. Blue Marble Water Solutions has an incredible water purification system that strips out all the toxic chloride, DBP’s, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and even the tough to get fluoride. Then they add back trace minerals and anti-oxidants through very natural means to add life back to the water. I personally use Blue Marble Water and recommend it to all my clients that are conscious of their health

Blue Marble Water Solutions Doesn’t Meet Expectations… We Exceed Them!

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