Residential Installation

Since every residence is unique, we recommend speaking with each customer about their specific needs and desires, so the installation is a simple process and fulfills their expectations. The system we install in homes does not require any electricity or service contract since it has proven to be extremely reliable.

Blue Marble Water will install the residential MINI System under a sink, in an adjacent cabinet or in a basement depending on available space and where there is convenient access to the unit.

In most cases we can determine with the client where the most suitable location to install the system just with a simple conversation on the phone and by viewing a couple pictures.

  • We will ask for pictures of the possible location of the system to understand existing plumbing setup and to ensure there is adequate space available
  • We will discuss existing sink & faucet accessories to ensure the best possible match & we can install the system’s faucet through a majority of the most common counter top materials
  • If the client is renting and not able to modify the sink or counter-top; Blue Marble has a few other options available to accommodate the need

Upon arrival as a standard precaution, we will check the condition of all plumbing for potential leaks and advise customer so there will be no misunderstandings in the event leaks occur.

Under Sink Installation is the most common install and we prefer customers in advance to remove most of the items under the sink to save time.


  • Icemaker hookup (optional)– The MINI System can be connected to any standard refrigerator ice maker or ice maker / water dispenser (as long as there is sufficient water pressure)
  • Insta-Hot (optional)– The MINI System can connect to any instant hot water dispenser (as long as there is sufficient water pressure)
  • Custom Connections (optional)– Blue Marble Water Solutions has connected the MINI System to multiple water dispensing outlets wet bars (dependent on water pressure and accessibility)

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