Bottle-LESS Benefits

Is it time to “Think outside the bottle?”

Blue Marble Water Solutions is the tri-state leader when it comes to sustainable and health conscious drinking water systems. Our state-of-the-art dispensers combine the latest technology and purification benefits to provide our clients with glass after glass of the freshest, best tasting, purified drinking water that is healthy for you and the planet.

Besides loving our Water, Products & Service Responsiveness, being a satisfied client, you can expect these additional advantages

Cost Savings!

  • No increase in costs no matter how much water you use
  • One low monthly payment includes all the service, maintenance, warranty and filter changes and unlimited water
  • Price protection means your system will never increase regardless of water usage or inflation
  • Simple itemized one price billing so no statements to reconcile
  • No bottle deposits or delivery charges
  • No more bottle changes and related labor costs
  • No wasting precious floor or storage space with bottle clutter

Better Health!

  • Seriously- when is the last time you saw anybody clean the bottled water dispenser?
  • Eliminates risk of microbiological contamination through 9-Stage & 16-Stage Purification Solutions
  • Purified and alkaline drinking water is hydrating by absorbing more efficiently into the cells of your body
  • Exceptional great taste which will promote everybody drink more healthy water
  • System purification and conditioning protection so bacteria and germs cannot grow inside the reservoirs


  • Fresh unlimited healthy purified & conditioned drinking water
  • No bottles to buy or store
  • Never run out of drinking water
  • Proactive preventative maintenance by Blue Marble Water
  • Self-Sanitizing systems mean you don’t have to
  • No more over delivering of bottles for quota purposes

Safety and Security!

  • Eliminates risk of injury from lifting heavy 42-pound bottles
  • Eliminate health risks from dirty bottles from unsanitary handling
  • BPA Free
  • Reduces risk of potential workers compensation claims
  • No more spills or leaks from large bulky bottles
  • Safe and clean water all the time
  • Eliminates bottle deliveries and security risks by individuals you don’t know


  • Enjoy drinking water that is second-to-none in taste
  • Contaminant & Carcinogen free water with “PURITY YOU CAN TASTE!”

We’ve ALWAYS provided the best
Purified & Sanitized BOTTLELESS Water.

TOUCHLESS Water Dispensing with our SafeTouch™ antimicrobial technology, self-sanitizing, and HANDS-FREE bottleless water coolers.

Indoor Air Purification Medical grade air cleaner, shown to capture 99.99% of all particles down to 0.007 micron. 40X’s more efficient in removing allergens and microbes than HEPA Filters!

Detergent-LESS ozone washer attachment – American made eco-friendly residential and commercial O3 Laundry Systems


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