Residential Drinking Water Purification Drinking RO Systems and Coolers

Blue Marble Water Solutions offers a residential system that will duplicate the water that we have in businesses throughout the region. No electricity or service contract is needed for this incredible system because of its reliability (which also makes it affordable for the residential market). The BM MINI has been installed in RV’s and yacht’s with its small footprint and easy access. In many cases the MINI can be also connected to a refrigerator ice/water dispenser connection) and a Insta-Hot system. Each purification system is standard with our proven multi-stage process that filters out everything that is larger than 0.0001 micron… which is virtually EVERYTHING. This innovative technology not only removes all contaminants & carcinogens. The optional 9-Stage purification process includes antioxidants, sanitization, pH-balanced (alkaline water) with important nutrients (+electrolytes) for optimal health and wellness. This is the best tasting water you will experience.

(economical & affordable)

The MINI is a fully-featured RESIDENTIAL water purification system. It comes standard with a 4-Stage water purification process and can be upgraded to our technologically advanced 9-Stage purification process.

(Countertop dispenser option: cold/hot/ambient water)

The BMR5 CT is a compact countertop cooler dispenser that has three-temperature options, and a large dispense area illuminated with a blue LED light. The filtration and/or purification bank is separate from this dispenser.

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