Do UVC Lamps Kill the Coronavirus

When it comes to disinfection, we know there are various methods including UVC lamps. We see this method used to disinfect air ducts in hospitals to treat environmental surfaces such as operating rooms. What’s important to note is that this method is used when humans aren’t present. During this Coronavirus pandemic, the sense of urgency to clean and disinfect surfaces and the surrounding areas is at an all-time high. Trying to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep the surfaces and/or air in your home or office clean has become the norm in 2020; and UVC lamps aren’t the way.


UV lamp and mask on tableAccording to a statement released from the U.S Food and Drug Administration, “It is important to recognize that, generally, UVC cannot inactivate a virus or bacterium if it is not directly exposed to UVC. In other words, the virus or bacterium will not be inactivated if it is covered by dust or soil, embedded in porous surface or on the underside of a surface.” More importantly, it’s important to remember that there still isn’t enough proven information to accurately state that UVC lamps in homes and offices are the best solution for disinfection in smaller spaces. In fact, UVC exposure to humans could also be harmful, “UVC lamps used for disinfection purposes may pose potential health and safety risks depending on the UVC wavelength, dose, and duration of radiation exposure,” (FDA). Direct exposure could cause burns to the skin as well as injuries to the eyes. Additionally, UVC lamps have the possibility of emitting ozone into the air which according to the FDA, can irritate human airways. 

Despite the possibility of causing more harm than good, the point of the matter is that there is no proven data that states the UVC lamps kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus or notoriously COVID-19. There are various types of UVC lamps used for different purposes. The FDA warns those who are not professionals to be cautious of using them. Understanding each type takes time and resources that may not be accessible to you. 

germs magnified on hands

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