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Lehigh Valley, PA

Large, well known and highly respected Lehigh Valley medical practice vastly improved & extend their practice tools & equipment life, with a savings of 57% in comparison to a competitors’ one-size-fits-all recommendation


This well known and highly respected medical practice in the Lehigh Valley had a problem by using tap water with their autoclave’s and ultrasonic cleaners. This practice lead to costly downtime and expensive repairs and equipment replacement over time. The tap water contained a variety of dissolved minerals and salts that was contributing to the premature destruction to the practices tools. As a result, they were investing in a solution and provider for their deionized “distilled water” needs.
The medical practice was currently already a very satisfied client with our drinking water purification technology in systems, and they knew we also provide DI water solutions to quite a few clients. The administrator reached out to Blue Marble Water Solutions to see how we could help them and what we might propose for their location

The Challenge

Prior to our initial discussion regarding this on-going issue, the medical practice also consulted with a vendor that supplied DI Systems that utilized valuable office space and warranted an excessive price point to correct their problem.

Blue Marble Water Solutions scheduled a facility assessment to get a clear understanding of the logistics, needs and concerns the administrator and the staff were challenged with. After assessing their needs, Blue Marble Water Solutions proposed a customized solution that provide everything they were looking for and more at 57% saving compared to the competitor.

The Perfect Solution

Blue Marble Water Solutions effectively demonstrated how our customized solution for their specific needs would meet the requirements they strived for. Even more impressive, was how we were able to exceed their expectations with a greater savings, built-in redundancy, additional safeguards and small footprint with our solution. Since the installation of the first system, our client has contracted Blue Marble Water Solutions to add an additional system in another part of the facility.

Water without compromise…Purity made simple!

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