The Answer to the Bucks & Mont Co Tap Water Dilemma

The answer that most Bucks & Montgomery County Residents already knew is finally revealed.


With all the hustle and bustle of our busy everyday lives, we tend to overlook the importance of knowing what’s in our tap water. Recently, we posted a blog talking about the chemicals found in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA residents’ tap water and as the news spread, residents in Bucks & Montgomery County townships needed to take matters in their own hands. 


The towns near the military bases where the contamination is believed to come from the firefighting foams used at the bases are being provided bottled water from the military to compensate for the contamination. However, residents in townships farther away from the naval bases have been relying on state purchased bottled water for the past three years because the high levels of PFA’s are not linked to the naval bases. Frustrated residents have been waiting for the answer to what’s causing this problem with their water and now finally have their answer.


An article posted November 12th by the Philadelphia Inquirer reveals that after years of testing there’s an answer that most residents already came to, “The state agency pointed to Bergey’s Realty Co. and Bergey’s Retread Technologies, the company that owned the site where 150,000 tires caught fire in 1986. Firefighting foam that has since been linked to PFAS was used to contain that blaze, and seeped into the soil and waterways”. This time-consuming series of tests around the Ridge Run areas is needed to determine “who should pay for fixing it” and more importantly it will finally allow the state Department of Environmental Protection to start cleaning up the water with a permanent fix


The most important note to take from all of this news for residents in these areas is to keep in mind the long and slow process that it will take to ensure the tap water is free from PFA’s. Our goal at Blue Marble Water Solutions is to ensure that homes and businesses have clean and safe water for both drinking and cooking.  Our smart technology removes the harmful chemicals and contaminants out of your tap water and enhances the water with important nutrients, antioxidants & alkalinity for optimal health for your body, It is clean-n-green without any harmful plastic bottles. To learn more read through our website and give us a call!


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