Bottling Up the Truth

Bottled water has now surpassed soft drinks in popularity among American consumers. As more Americans become health-conscious, bottled water and drinking “clean” water is a top priority. But is bottled water really worth the expenses? 


According to Ryan Felton, with Consumer Reports, Americans spend around $31 billion a year on bottled water, making it Americas “#1 beverage”. Water should be the number one choice for all humans but the real question to ask ourselves is whether bottled water is the best choice for our health and wallets. According to Consumer Reports, out of the 130 bottled water brands, 11 were found to have high levels of arsenic contamination. Some even over the federal limits leaving big named brands to recall their products in order to protect consumer safety.  


In a New Jersey News 12 Article, the author mentions a quote from Felton stating, “Last year, Dr. Pepper pulled one of its bottled water brands, Penafiel, from the U.S. market because of high arsenic levels. And in 2016 and 2017, Whole Foods recalled about 2,000 cases of one of its bottled water brands, Starkeys. High arsenic levels were again to blame.” The author goes on further to point out the truth for New Jersey residents, “Of course, municipal water systems can have problems, too. Last summer, Newark handed out free bottled water after tap water in the city was found to contain high levels of lead”


The difference between municipal water companies and bottled water companies is that municipal water systems are required to test and publish water quality tests each year to disclose to the public. Bottled water companies have to test the water quality as well, however, they are not required to disclose that information to their consumers. 


So which one is actually safer for you to drink? There is no direct answer. When it comes to your drinking water, knowing what you’re consuming should be an easy and direct answer. When you drink from our water systems at Blue Marble Water Solutions, you can rest easy knowing your purified drinking water is both clean & healthy to consume.


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