Buy One Bottled Water, Get Extra Micro-plastics for Free

If you’re still buying bottled water for your family, it’s time to start rethinking your choice of drinking water. Studies have found traces of microplastics in name brand bottled waters. 


Frontiers in Chemistry released a study that took water samples from 259 bottled water companies sold in several countries and analyzed the particles that were present in them. It was found that “93% of them contained ‘microplastic’ synthetic polymer particles.” According to Sherri Mason, author of the study and a sustainability researcher at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College in an article from Time, “Some were definitely visible without a magnifying glass or microscope.” Meaning, the bottled water you and your family are drinking, contains microplastic contaminants, “the average across brands was 325 microplastic particles per liter of bottled water, researchers found. Nestlé Pure Life had the largest average concentration of plastic particles out of all the brands tested; one sample from the brand was found to contain more than 10,000 microplastic particles per liter.”


Overconsumption of plastic is a common problem we face in today’s world since almost all of our plastic waste is dumped in landfills. There are traces of microplastics in our groundwater and surprisingly in our air too. Mason’s research also found microplastics in sea salt and beer! In fact, “most of the particles her study found in plastic water bottles turned out to be fragments of polypropylene, which is the type of plastic used to make bottled water caps… there was “about twice as much” plastic in bottled water compared to tap water or beer, she explains.” This was due to the actual bottling process of bottled water. With these studies, it’s shown that bottled water is actually NOT cleaner than tap water, although it is being marketed that way. 


Stop buying bottled water and switch to the cleanest and most pure water for you and your family by contacting Blue Marble Water Solutions. Our 9-stage and 16-stage purification systems remove microplastic particles and other contaminants in your water. The most important stage in our purification process is stage 3, the RO membrane: a highly advanced semipermeable that removes all, ions metals, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury and much more. Only pure water can pass through the pores.

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