Don’t be a human water filter

Think your refrigerator filter is cutting it? Think again!

The need for purified and clean water is becoming more and more of a concern and necessity for people today as new reports of contaminated water wells and municipal boil advisories seem to occur on a weekly basis. Many people resort to a basic one filter method used in their refrigerators and believe that this is sufficient enough to use to keep them and their families safe from the contaminants in their tap water, when in reality, they could be consuming harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites being produced in the breeding ground that is the fridge. Every year 19 million illnesses occur from water born bacteria and fridge filters not stopping them or being changed only aid in this.

Most of these refrigerator filters are basic carbon filters which help remove compounds that affect the taste and smell of water by absorbing them. The effectiveness of this basic process relies on the water and carbon being in contact for extended periods of time at a slow flow rate and in a high volume setting such as a family home or a large busy company, this process can be rushed resulting in the carbon not absorbing all the impurities. Add to this that some carbon filters may be substandard and not absorb all the impurities to begin with and can be contaminated during the manufacturing process, basic carbon fridge filters just don’t cut it.

Cost vs Reward

Not only may your filter not be properly absorbing the impurities it should be, but you end up paying anywhere around $50-$60 for this basic filter. Companies like LG, Whirlpool, GE, and Frigidaire all recommend and state that their filters should be replaced every six months as well so annually $100-$120 are spent for filters that could have no effect on your drinking water.

How Blue Marble Water can save your HEALTH and MONEY?

Blue Marble’s 4 & 9-Stage Mini home system is an economical Hyperfiltration system with a filter cost as low as $69 a year (4 to 5 filters). This Hyper-Filtration system removes harmful carcinogens & toxins (lead, fluoride, PFOA’s & PFOS’s, chemical), viruses & bacteria, pharmaceuticals and more. We offer peace-of-mind with safe, healthier better tasting water!

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