Is Sparkling Water Really a Healthy Choice?

Your Common Questions About Sparkling Water Answered


The sparkling water trend has hit a whole new level of popularity. Health-conscious people are making the switch from unhealthy, sugar-filled soda to sparkling water to get the same carbonated feeling with significantly less sugar. Big brands like La Croix, Polar, Perrier, and Bubly are flying off the shelves with the same selling point – a healthy alternative to soda and a fizzier alternative to regular water. But how healthy really is sparkling water? Is drinking too much seltzer water bad for us? 


Journalist Katie Couric spoke to Dr. Mark Hyman to find out whether or not sparkling water is a good alternative to our everyday water intake. Dr. Hyman mentions, “If you’re drinking plain seltzer, it is technically as hydrating as water (and it’s not as bad as soda)” When there are flavors added to the seltzer water, that’s when your average H2O is the healthier choice. 

In addition to hydration benefits, most people think that drinking seltzer water can help maintain hunger. There have been a few studies to back up this point, however, there are also studies that have shown the opposite effect, “There was also one small study that showed seltzer increased the hunger hormone ghrelin which can lead to weight gain. While we need more info to really look at that component, clean flat water is always going to be the safest bet for your health.” Since this fact has yet to be proven, using seltzer water to help increase your daily intake of water is your best bet! 


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