Water Concerns

Bottled Water Does Expire

Yes, the expiration date on bottled water is real.


It’s commonly known that old water bottles left in your car are not good to drink but did you know that the expiration date on bottled water should actually be taken seriously?

It’s not actually the water itself that you should be concerned about it’s the plastic water bottle itself that expires and contaminates the water! Holistic health expert, Amy Leigh Mercee says the plastic contaminants that “leach” into the water inside plastic water bottles after the expiration date or when exposed to heat (from sitting in the sun or in your car) is “disruptive to the endocrine system, causing reproductive symptoms, various cancers, [and] neurological problems, and damaging the immune system.” 

However, it can be noted that the expiration date is an “arbitrary number” especially if the water bottle you’re drinking from has been exposed to sunlight or heat for an extended period of time. Read a more in-depth explanation about the expiration dates on water bottles on Readers Digest


It should come to no surprise that this is another reason why we push our bottle-less water solutions on both business and homeowners. Don’t risk handing out expired and contaminated water to your clients or family members, switch to Blue Marble Water Solutions today!


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