Deionized “Distilled Grade” Purification Systems

Blue Marble Water Solutions offers DI systems that will produce water that is distilled quality, zero (000) TDS. Deionized (Dl) water is an essential ingredient and is used in hundreds of applications, including medical, laboratory processes and electronics manufacturing.

Our DI systems are suitable for other equipment that requires distilled grade water such as clean water bottle systems, ultrasonic scalers, sonic scaler handpieces, ultrasonic cleaning units, and many others.

  • Safe for all autoclaves, handpieces, dental units, high-tech dental equipment and clean water bottles
  • Standard systems produce 50 gallons of distilled grade water a day (higher capacity available)
  • Customized to meet your office needs
  • Reduces costly maintenance of equipment and handpieces
  • Eliminates time and hassle of buying distilled water

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