BM RO (Multi-Stage) Hydration Fill Station


Customized Purification Systems

The BM RO Multi-Stage Hydration Fill Station can be for a small, medium, or large capacity water purification system that can feed one or multiple dispensers, ice machines, coffee makers and/or faucets. Enhance your hydration with advanced alkaline water + electrolytes with nutrient boost.

The BM RO (Multi-Stage) Hydration Fill Station offers other great features, including:

  • Dispenses purified & conditioned water to a single or multiple dispensers, ice, coffee makers and/or faucets
  • Custom made for logistics and specific needs
  • Hyper-Filtration Reverse Osmosis (RO): state-of-the-art Multi-Stage Purification Process
  • Alkaline water + electrolyte (nutrient boost) + antioxidants
  • LED UV (Ultraviolet) light self-sanitization helps maintain water cleanliness (additional option)
  • Increased dispense rate – ideal for long runs or multi-connections
  • Cleanest, best tasting water

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BM RO Multi-Stage Hydration Fill Station BROCHURE

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