HyperPure Pro Hub


High-Capacity Water Purification Hub

Multi-Stage Purification

The HyperPure Pro Hub has a powerful compact modular footprint, that can be centrally located and feed purified water to an array of devices that require super clean water. This solution provides a high level of efficiency by reducing the number of filter sets and drain lines for environments that require high volume and/or multiple water stations.

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The HyperPure Pro Hub offers other great features, including:

  • Hyper-Filtration to as low as .0001 micron (400x smaller than the smallest virus)- Removes virtually all pollutants including micro-organisms, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins
  • Delivering up to 887 hallons of “purified water” contaminant-free per day
  • Pristine water connected to water coolers, coffee bars, ice makers, refrigerators, water fountains, dishwashers and more
  • Scalable custom design – This compact system can meet specific water purification needs with a combination of multiple ports, filtration media, pumps and meters
  • Very low energy usage and reduces wasted water common with traditional reverse osmosis units by up to 82%
  • Contaminant reduction: Salt: 95-99%, Copper: 99%, Cysts: 99%, Fluoride: 98-99%, Lead: 99%, Nitrates: 98%, Nitrites: 97%, Viruses: 99%, Bacteria: 99%, Turbidity: 99%
  • Cleanest, best tasting water

HyperPure Pro Hub Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 18.2″ H x 5.9″ W x 14.4″ D
Weight: 34 lbs.
Flow Rate Capacity: Up to 37 gallons per hour


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